The legend of the bitter well

The well of the bitter water

There are various versions of this story, but the essence of the legend goes like this: There was a Christian man, Fernando, and a Jewish woman, Raquel, the daughter of Samuel ha-Levi, that were head-over-heels in love with each other.[2] Every night when the church bells rang ten, Fernando would jump over the walls of Raquel’s family garden and sit with his love on the edge of the well. But one night, the father of Raquel found out about the forbidden love of his daughter and the next night he sent an assassin to murder Fernando. Every night afterwards the heartbroken Raquel would sit where she used to with her lover, while her tears flowed into that sad well. One night, Raquel saw the image of her love in the water and so she jumped inside the well to be with him.[3] Today, there is a plaque in the square of that legendary well that reads, «Las lágrimas que el recuerdo, añoranza del amado causaron en una joven toledana, amargaron las aguas de este pozo”. (The tears of the memory, longing for the beloved caused in a young Toledan girl, makes the waters of this well bitter.)






All of you must agree on the age of the story, 14th Century, 18th Century, 20th century, nowadays and clothes and words according to the age.

  1. Two students Set the scene, some images from the internet can help

Describe the place, narrator.

Characters in the story.

  1.  Two students. Rachel, describe her, her clothes, her complexion, her personality

What does she say?

  1. Two students. Fernando, describe him, his clothes, his complexion, his personality

What does he say?

  1. Two students. Samuel ha Levi, describe him, his clothes, his complexion, his personality

What does he say?

You can use internet to research

When you have all of this, write a play based on the original legend.

Rehearse the play and perform it in front of your partners.

You are going to be assessed:

-Reading. You should know what you are going to do

-Interpersonal skills

-Writing. Verbal tenses, vocabulary, use of language

-Oral performance (speaking and listening)

Your partners will give you a mark for your oral performance.



The well of the bitter water

In the 18th Century, in an ordinary forest of Toledo, there was a well very special. The forest was far away from the city. It was a quiet place where in the night people could see the sky full of stars. There a Jewish woman, the daughter of Samuel ha Levi, called Raquel who always goes here to find her peace.


Fernando: – Hello! What are you doing here? he said.

Raquel: – Hi! I’m looking at the sky. I love to do this at night.

Fernando: – Me too, but I’ve never seen you here before. My name is Fernando.

Raquel: – Nice to meet you! I’m Raquel. I’m very glad that you are here. Now I won’t be alone.


After they have met, they always stay together and started to fall in love with each other. One day, when she came back home, her father was very angry:


Samuel ha Levi: – Where have you been all this time? he said.

Raquel: – I’m sorry. I have had something to do.

Samuel ha Levi: – Don’t lie to me! I saw you with a young man.


After their quarrel, Samuel, her father, decided to follow her and kill her boyfriend. He saw that they are together and shot him.


Samuel ha Levi: – Take your hands off my daughter! You will never see before! he said while he was hitting the trigger.

Raquel: – Let him! I want Fernando in my life! In that moment she started crying.


After he was shot, he fell off into the well. In that moment, Raquel was very depressed and she jumped into the well to be with him under the eyes of her father.


Samuel ha Levi: – No, my only daughter… Why have you done this?


He was so desperate and he decided to take his life. Today, there is a plaque in the plaza of that legendary well.





Raquel: short, curve, young and rich lady with a big and expensive dress;

green eyes, brown hair;

shy, happy, funny.


Fernando: pour, adventurous, young, strong man;

long hair, handsome, tall, brown eyes, black hair;


Samuel ha Levi: old, fat and rich man;

selfish, protective with his only daughter


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