Dissemination activities at IES Julio Verne, Bargas, Spain.

Dissemination activities at IES Julio Verne, Bargas, Spain.

Workshops at IES Julio Verne.

When we finished our meeting on November 16th we hold some lessons given by our students who took part in the meeting with their partners in the project and with their schoolmates at school (4ºESO A/C Bilingual Project, and 4ºESO B/D/E Erasmus students)

The students who carried out these dissemination activities where Lucas Sánchez, Carlota Sánchez- Portal, Leire Parages, Wessal Nacceur, Elena Villa, Julia Serrano.

On the first stage they watched the presentations we saw in the meeting, and they got a taste of the activities we did. They shared with some partners what they had done.


Secondly, they attended a writing workshop, where they learnt how to write a legend or a story. They tried to transfer to their peers their skills in writing.


Thirdly all of them wrote some stories that can be read in the file section.

We have had a nice time and what is most important they have involved in the activities and have learnt how to write a story.

Now, we are putting into practice what we have learnt! So next stages are storytelling for 1ºESO and 2ºESO and a didactic unit based in writing stories for 3ºESO.