original legends by IES Julio Verne students


At the beginnings of XX century, in France, there was a boy called Luka who wanted to fight with another boy. They were in the main square. Then an oldest woman came with her stick, slowly, looking all the children, the houses, people talking, … But she saw how Luka began to fight with the other guy. So, she ran away until she came where these two boys were and started to threaten them with her stick. Lucrecia, that is the name of the oldest woman, did not like the violence in youngest people; so she began to talk to Luka.

  • You must have a good behaviour, because if not, you are going to be in prison and believe me it is horrible. You are sick all time and people hate you very much. It is not a good life. If you behave like that, fighting all time and being a bad boy, you will go there. So be careful! – said Lucrecia
  • OOOOH! I am sorry about that. I do not know that life was this way in prison- answered Luka
  • OH my dear! Life is hard itself. But if you have a good mind it will be easier.
  • From today, I am going to be a very good boy, helping all people and studying a lot.
  • That’s my boy. Well if you want, like an award, I am going to pay you an orange juice glass. Do you like it?
  • Yes, I like it so much. Thank you. But you did not tell me your name.
  • My name is Lucrecia, Lu for friends. HAHAHA

In this way, Lucrecia won a young friend and they talk about very different things from their times.

The advice of this story is “listen to old people, they have lived for a long time so they can help you”.



Legend by Patricia Méndez Muñoz 4A


Long time ago, in the beautiful English kingdom of Kharmouth, lived a young girl named Judith, who caught all kind of looks by men and women due to her big emerald eyes accompanied by a hair as dark as the night. She worked as a seamstress, but it was a sham, because Judith was the only witch who remained alive from her coven, after the slaughter of all her family at the stake twelve years ago, when she was just an innocent six year old girl.

One morning, while she was walking alone in the forest that was near the Kingdom, the young witch heard a great snort of a horse, which caught her attention. Judith was a quite curious person so she decided to take a look. She couldn’t believe what her eyes saw, it was the handsome Prince Harry, who lay fainted on the floor with a horrendous wound on his head. Judith, very worried, helped him thanks to her spells and she managed to heal and wake him up.

Prince Harry, who was stunned because of the fall and the unfortunate blow, thanked the beautiful girl and gave her a kiss in the hand, as any gentleman would have done in that situation. Judith, very blushed because of the act, looked at him with that lovely green eyes and it was at that moment, when Harry fell madly in love with the witch.

Both returned to Kharmouth mounted on the royal white horse and when going through the market, all the villagers that were present began to exclaim and applaud euphorically after the arrival of Harry together the gorgeous lady with emerald eyes. They arrived at the castle and went to meet King Edward, who was extremely ill also on his deathbed.

The King, at first, didn’t approve the sudden relationship but, after seeing the brightness of his only son’s eyes looking at Judith and talking about her, he was moved and decided to grant the marriage on the new couple.

Judith, sure of herself, told her fiancé about her past and witchcraft and he reacted in the best possible way giving her a peak in her lips, implying that he didn’t care if she was a witch, since Harry had fallen in love with how she was, not because who she was. But she, willing to give everything for the love of her life, revoked her magic in case that could cause a problem in the near future.

The days passed and the expected wedding was celebrated to commemorate the new union but sadly the king passed away that same night leaving the newlyweds in charge of the throne of the Kingdom of Kharmouth.

Judith became pregnant and after the passage of months she gave birth to a beautiful girl with big green eyes, like hers, and looking deeply in them she felt that the witch legacy hadn’t finished yet.


The Wisdom Tree

Julia Serrano



Many years ago, in March 1918, a very special boy was born. His name was Pedro and he was born in the city of Albacete, well, in a small town in Albacete to be exact. He belonged to a family of witches and wizards, but he did not know it. Albacete was a very quiet and lonely place, it was surrounded by a big forest full of trees and vegetation. Pedro was an intelligent and ambitious boy, he was small but energetic and he was running all the time.

When Pedro was about 12 years old, he went to the forest to investigate, as he usually did when he had nothing to do. However, this day was not like the others, for some unknown reason he decided to take other path different from the one he used to take. When this path ended, he caught an interesting rock that he saw on the floor. Suddenly, when he put his head up, he saw an enormous beautiful tree with a tree behind it. He went day past day to visit it and finally he discovered that this was a wisdom tree because the most he went there the wiser he became. Pedro never told the path to arrive to this tree and now that he is dead, no one knows where it is.


Legend, Love in Rome

By Soumaya, Lucía, Rubén, Samuel and Carlota


This story occurs in Rome, 18th century and it is a love story between a young boy called Bryan and an old woman called Dora.

Once upon a time, in the city of Rome lived Bryan and Dora, but they did not know about the existence of the other. One day, while Bryan was walking around Romanian streets, an old woman was asking for help because a thief had stolen her bag. Bryan immediately run to catch that man, and finally recovered the bag. Dora was so grateful to him that later, they went to take a cup of tea. Little by little they met each other, Dora was a bit old, but Bryan did not mind that, and he fell in love with her. Dora who had no feelings, did whatever she wanted with him, and one day, she wanted to prove his love and told him to recover a ring which had stayed in a famous lake for three years. What Bryan did not know was that in that lake there were currents that have killed lots of people throughout the history.  But Bryan accepted that.

Dora stayed at her home while Bryan was recovering his ring, not knowing what would happen with that good boy. At night, when Dora was waiting for him to know if he had her ring, he did not arrive at home, so she decided to go to sleep.

While she was sleeping, she heard some noises, and she decided to investigate where those came from. Suddenly, when she was walking around her home, she began to bleed from her eyes, nose and ears. The next morning, Bryan arrived at home, and found Dora on the floor, she began to cry, and he died next to her.



The missing dogs

Miguel Colino García


Instituto Julio Verne de Bargas

Long time ago, a small town existed on the way that goes from Bargas to Olías. My grandfather told me that, one night, when he was young, all the dogs in this town disappeared. It was the 6th of January of 1963. Nobody was able to give an explanation for this strange event.

Nowadays, this small town is deserted, but people still say that they can hear the howl of the disappeared dogs every 6th of January.

Last Thursday it was January the 6th. My friend Hugo and I went to that place to verify if the story was true or not. We couldn´t hear any unusual noise for hours. But at 3am we started hearing the howls. Maybe it was only our imagination, who knows. The only thing that I can be sure about is that it was terrifying.


Jose Miguel del Puerto


In the times where the catholic kings ruled in Spain, there were two people talking together in a beautiful garden in Toledo.

Pedro and Margarita, they loved each other as the most. In that moment, the pretty girl was crying because Pedro had to go to the war, as he was strong and a very good soldier. He was the best of the army.

Pedro was a simple soldier, but the first and most important captain of the army needed him and his skills for the fight against the Muslims, in Andalusia. Pedro was very disappointed with the fact of going to the war because he couldn’t see his lover crying. Before leaving Toledo, Pedro promised Margarita that he would come back and then, they would get married. And Pedro gave Margarita a ring, as a symbol of his promise.

A few days after the soldier gave the new to Margarita, the army of Toledo left the city and she went to see them. The whole city assisted to see the event. Unfortunately, the girl saw his lover leading the army, as he was the first captain! He was not a simple soldier.

During the war in Andalusia, something strange appeared many times to save Pedro’s life during the fight. It was a death hand with a ring what saved him. When Pedro was in extreme and difficult situations and when he needed help, it appeared. Then, the captain knew that the girl he loved had died because of an excess of sadness and his hand wouldn’t rest in peace until Pedro would come back and would make the promise true. Finally, thanks to the death hand´s interventions, the soldier came back, and he fulfilled the promise. The whole body of the girl could rest in peace, forever.

Tomás Correa


IES Julio Verne de Bargas

Since Peter was 15 years old, he had seen and heard things that are not normal.

All started when Peter’s granny died on 15th of October, he wanted to communicate with her, but he didn’t know how to do it.

One night, he was talking with his friend Fred, when he told him that he had a Ouija’s table and Peter could talk with his granny. The next night, Fred went to Peter’s house with his Ouija’s table. Peter was not 100% sure about that it could work but Fred said that he used it to talk with his mum (because she had died too), so he began the ritual to call the spirit of Peter’s granny.

Suddenly the lights started to turn on and off, the cupboards started to move and something began to communicate with them by the Ouija’s table.

The following day, Peter’s mother went downstairs to wake up Peter and Fred, but they weren’t there.

And that’s how nobody has seen them since the 16th of October


Legend, the courageous hunter

Iván Plaza

IES Julio Verne, Bargas


In a village, near to a forest a hunter went hunting, because there was a monster that destroyed and killed everything that wanted to be inside the forest. The hunter was quickly saw by the people of the village, their eyes were judging the stranger because in that part of the world is not usual to see people wearing black clothes from head to foot, so people were interested in him. He arrived at a bar, where he saw drunk people over the tables, music and a barman. Only being seen by the barman the hunter was thinking about this question, how he was going to seek for a monster that had never been seen, just noises and a shadow inside the forest.

The stranger began to talk:

– Hi, I’m looking for information about the strange creature.

– A hunter I see, well there isn’t much information, only the little bit that you sure know, but if you are interested in the creature you should talk with Ronald, I heard that he and more men are going to go to the forest.


The next morning, after talking to Ronald about the forest, they went into it. Inside the forest they looked for the beast without any hope to find it after hours, when a scream was heard, and all the group ran near it. They saw that the beast was a bear of four meters long who died because of a poisoned seed.

Since then, we all know that people can’t trust in rumours and in the fear of others